Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Incredible Scooter Heist (True Story)

Ok, I know I have not posted in too long a time, and now that things are a bit more stable on my side, I will make more of an effort to share what's happening, but tonight, a rather incredible quick story happened, which I must share with you all!

So Natasha and I were sitting at some shabby restaurant here in Pune, near Cybage and at the Junction to Nagar Road, with our scooter parked on the side. It's a simple Kinetic Honda, nothing special.

Suddenly I heard a deep roar, which is the characteristic sound of the beloved machine, and then saw someone drive away on our scooter! Can you believe it?

Ok, so off I went, running behind that dude, at first in slippers, then bare foot (faster), before realising that I was not able to catch him.

So who was he?

I'd say he was not exactly young, my parent's age maybe (I'd say 50-60), and he was in no hurry really, or not trying to 'steal' the scooter. I figured he must have accidentally picked the wrong scooter, Natasha thinks he might have been drunk or tipsy, so didn't notice.

Truly enough, there was another Kinetic Honda scooter parked next to where our scooter was, and I tried my key in it - and it worked! Can you believe it?

His key worked in our scooter, and my key worked in his scooter!

So we left our number at the restaurant and left with his scooter. Great condition, lights are working, engine is quiet, breaks are firm but the indicator has an annoying beeping sound to it.

Right now, I am just hoping that he'll return to the restaurant and contact us, since I have no other idea of how to exchange scooters again! Surely enough, since our keys for the Boot doesn't work, we cannot fill petrol into the tank which is hidden underneath it. If required we'll change the lock to it tomorrow!

Who can recommend anything else to do? I'll post the scooter's numberplate here tomorrow, in the hope that we can use the internet to find the 'Heister' again!